Sprocket Pillow

Item: Sprocket Pillow
As seen on: Cluck Cluck Sew
You can find the tutorial/pattern here!
Why I wanted to make this: My grandmother made a beautiful quilt for Everett and had some of the fabric left over so I thought this would be the perfect project!  I also wanted to bring some color into my living room and thought that I could make a few for my couch!
First try:  I bought a pillow form because I thought it would be nicer than using stuffing however I realized that the pattern is not meant for a pillow form so I ended up using stuffing anyways!
Deviations from the tutorial/pattern:   On Everett’s pillow, I ended up having to use 11 wedges rather than the 12 that is mentioned in the tutorial.  Also, I wanted to make another one and try to utilize the pillow form that I had- the only difference was that I couldn’t use the trim around the side and I had to take out one of the wedges to make it small enough.

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If you are love these cute pillows as much as I do but don’t feel inspired to make one on your own, check out my special orders page! 🙂  I am also experiementing in different patchwork shaped pillows! Stay tuned for pictures of those!


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  1. Very cool. You make it look so easy!

  2. how much are you selling these for? and I want to celebrity blog!

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