Newborn Pants

Item: Newborn Pants
As seen on: Made by Rae
You can find the tutorial/pattern here!
Why I wanted to make this: Everett seemed to have plenty of cute sleeper outfits and onsies but not enough pants and shorts, and seriously who can resist a cute pair of baby pants!?
First try: The first pair I made was very cute however I mixed up the legs of the pants and the crotch. Ooopsies! Needless to say, those pants were only worn once!
Deviations from the tutorial/pattern: The only thing that I did different from the tutorial was add a trim piece at the waist band to add a pop of color- this can also be done to the bottom of the pant legs!
A few things I found that came in handy:  Marking with a pin which end of the pants was the legs vs. the crotch so that I wouldn’t get them mixed up.  Also, zig-zagging around the perimeter of the two pieces of fabric prior to sewing them together proved to make it much easier than zig-zagging in the tiny leg holes.
Look how cute these jeans are!!
Here’s a few pairs of the shorts I’ve made for him!

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