Baby Mobile

Item: Baby Mobile
As seen onLittle Pink Monster
You can find the tutorial here!
Why I wanted to make this:  Tyler and I decided that we didn’t want to know what the sex of the baby was going to be (yes, we’re old school) so we decorated our baby’s nursery in brown and teal.  I couldn’t find a mobile that I was really in love with anywhere so I took to the internet (or inner-webs as some folks call it) and set out to find a DIY mobile.  While browsing one of my FAVORITE blogs Little Pink Monster (formally Samster Mommy) I came across this beautiful mobile she made and thought I might be able to tweak it to fit my little one’s room.

Image from

Deviations from the tutorial: Instead of using butterflies (cute as they are) I decided to go with flowers.  I had a lot of other more “masculine” elements in the room so I wanted to add in a few “feminine” touches.  I looked all over for a craft punch that I liked but couldn’t find one.  I came across these flowers at Michael’s Craft Store and figured I would be able to finagle a way to make them work.  I also grabbed some pearls to use as weights rather than using the penny technique that Natasha used.

Just a few of the materials.

As  I began to add the flowers to the string I realized that I was very meticulous with the placement of the flowers.  I tried to alternate brown and teal as well as patterns and place them sporadically to create visual interest.  It probably took me longer than it should have however I was pregnant and it turned out really cute!

I used the pearls to “tie-off” each flower so they wouldn’t fall down.  Let me try to explain.. I put the string through the hole in the center of the flower and then I slid on a pearl and would wrap the string around and back through the pearl.

Please excuse my "paint" skills..

After I had made all the strands of flowers/pearls I  spray painted the wreath base and patiently let it dry.. (okay not really but you can’t see the fingerprints when it’s hanging up!)  I added the strands of flowers to the wreath as well as added a little bit of pre-made flower strands to the top.


Overall I am very pleased with the mobile!  Everett loves to lay under it and watch it- which makes me very happy seeing as I made it and all! 🙂

This is what Everett sees!

Hope y’all get inspired and make something cool! 🙂

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!! Great job!

    I’m so excited you were able to use my tutorial, yours looks awesome!

    Congrats on the little one too (:

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