Toes in the Water..

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! I have been kinda very busy around the house lately with Everett and getting ready for the Craft Fair that my friend and I will be attending in November- more on that later!

Let me fill you in on the current crazy awesome idea that Tyler and I have going on!  We are going to redo our apartment.. one room at a time!  We have been putting it off because we are planning on moving.. but not for at least a year- maybe two! We finally asked ourselves why put it off?  So we are super stoked and I can not wait to get started!  It’s definitely going to be very DIY and we will most likely re-purpose/upcycle most of our existing furniture which will be very fun to blog about! 🙂

We have been following Young House Love for a little while and will be using a few of their ideas as well as ideas that we have found on Pinterest.  (Have you joined Pinterest yet?  If not, this post from Little Pink Monster will tell you about it!)

Here are a few ideas that we have jotted down for the living room so far:

  • Theme: BEACH
  • Color Scheme: Teal, Coral, Tans/Browns
  • Teal accent wall
  • Coral accessories
  • Recover pillows
  • Repaint frames all same color
  • Repaint most of the furniture
  • Re-purpose glass hurricanes (currently filled with corks)
  • Add a plant
  • Thrift store DIY coffee table
We really like the idea of using your own photographs as art- luckily we took tons and tons of pictures on our honeymoon to Aruba and can easily use them.  We were thinking about blowing up one picture really large, cutting it in three, and hanging it behind the couch.. like this:
Maybe not this big.. but you get the idea!
Here are a few other photo inspirations:
I really like the chair in this living room but we do have a perfectly good chair already that I could possibly recover.. it’s brown corduroy (yes corduroy.)  I also like the armoire in this picture- I think because it is while and doesn’t overpower the room.  I would probably put a tv in it though..
I don’t know if it’s possible, but wouldn’t it be cute if I could get a painting of Everett at the beach done like this?!  I am sure that I could find someone to make me one!


Here’s the color scheme that we are thinking of.
So what do y’all think?  Do you have any ideas?  Helpful hints?  You know I love a good project! 🙂
Don’t worry though, there will still be more sewing tutorials coming! I’ve got some fun things planned!

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