Receiving Blankets turned Swaddle Blanket

Item: Receiving Blankets turned Swaddle Blanket
Why I wanted to make this:  My sweet sweet boy is quite a squirmy one while he is sleeping and truly needs to be swaddled in order to get a good nights rest however my little big boy can no longer fit into his swaddle.  The swaddle blanket we have been using is The Miracle Blanket and it is amazing! I am quite sad that he has outgrown it but you know I LOVE a good project, so I grabbed my husband and a few receiving blankets and we got started.
Items you will need:
– 2 receiving blankets
– Sewing machine with thread
How to do it:

Here’s the final product!  I want so say THANK YOU to my wonderful husband for helping me with this!  It turned out pretty well and I am sure I would have had to redo it at least three or four times if he wasn’t helping me along the way!  (Check out his blog, here!)

Let me know how you guys like this one! 🙂


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