Quick and Easy Paci Clip

Item: Paci Clip
Why I wanted to make this:  All of Everett’s paci clips were.. umm.. orange.  It’s not that I don’t like the color orange but they were all that color and I figured that I could probably whip something up that would be much cuter!  Also, Everett has figured out how to grab on to things and 9 times 10 times out of 10, the paci hits the floor if it’s not on a “leash.”  Gross!  The nice thing about these paci clips is that you can adjust the width and length of them to a size that is good for your child (i.e. if you have a toddler you may want something a little longer than 6-8″ or if you have an infant, you might want something a little shorter.)  Please note: paci clips should only be used while child is supervised!!
Items you will need:
– Strip of fabric (1-3″ wide x 7-10″ long)
– Snaps, paci rings, or small hair elastic bands
– Paci clips or suspender/mitten clips
– Sewing machine with thread

How to do it:

Here’s the GIVEAWAY!!

What do y’all think about these paci clips?  Subscribe to my blog AND/OR post a comment here to enter to win one of your very own!  Contest ends SATURDAY at 9am EST!  A winner will be chosen at random!

Good luck!

And the winner is…



Please contact me to redeem your paci clip!





More giveaways to come!


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  1. LOVE them!! Wanna make me a few for lily?? Maybe in fabrics to go with her lovey blanket lol! Let me know if you wanna do an etsy listing for me and I will get it!!!

  2. Krystal Constien

    Absolutely love this idea! It’s so cute cuz u could make coordinating paci clips to match outfits! They don’t make enough variety of paci clips in stores. They don’t even make a paci clip for Mr. Colts fav paci we need to figure something out! 🙂

  3. I love this idea! The fact that they can be longer for a toddler is a bonus, the others I have found are just to short…. the fact that they are adjustable really is a great idea, and that you can make them in cute colors to match outfits is awesome to…The ones we have are blue blue and blue… I actually like this peace sign one alot!!!

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