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Quick and Easy Paci Clip

Item: Paci Clip
Why I wanted to make this:  All of Everett’s paci clips were.. umm.. orange.  It’s not that I don’t like the color orange but they were all that color and I figured that I could probably whip something up that would be much cuter!  Also, Everett has figured out how to grab on to things and 9 times 10 times out of 10, the paci hits the floor if it’s not on a “leash.”  Gross!  The nice thing about these paci clips is that you can adjust the width and length of them to a size that is good for your child (i.e. if you have a toddler you may want something a little longer than 6-8″ or if you have an infant, you might want something a little shorter.)  Please note: paci clips should only be used while child is supervised!!
Items you will need:
– Strip of fabric (1-3″ wide x 7-10″ long)
– Snaps, paci rings, or small hair elastic bands
– Paci clips or suspender/mitten clips
– Sewing machine with thread

How to do it:

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Patchwork “Lovey” Blankets

Item: Patchwork “Lovey” Blankets
Why I wanted to make this:  My son likes to hold on to things and especially loves to hold onto a blanket when he falls asleep.  If you read all of the parenting books and ask your pediatrician they will likely tell you not to let your baby sleep with a blanket just yet, so after thinking about it in my head I decided that a little “lovey” blanket may do the trick.  I had a few pieces of fabric left over from Everett’s Sprocket Pillow and Patchwork Pillows to make a few of these cute little blankets.
Items you will need: 
– 9: 4″x4″ squares of fabric
– 1: 11″x11″ square of flannel or cotton
– Various colors of ribbon
– Sewing machine with thread
How to do it:

After I made one for Everett, I came up with an idea to make it even better!  More on that soon!


DIY Cloth Wipes

Item: DIY Cloth Wipes
Why I wanted to make this:  You know those pink and blue receiving blankets that you stole.. err I mean brought home from the hospital after your bundle of joy was born?  (Seriously, you’re paying for it- you might as well take a few parting gifts, right?) Well since I was done using my receiving blankets and I couldn’t bear the thought of just throwing them away, I figured I could upcycle them.  A friend and I (hi, Gina!) were chatting about cloth wipes (we both use cloth diapers) and how easy it might be to make them so I remembered the left over receiving blankets and thought they would be perfect!  I wanted the wipes to be able to fit into my wipe warmer and/or a disposable baby wipe container so mine measure around 6″ x 4.5″ (the same size as a folded disposable wipe.)  You can easily add more to the length/width on the pattern to make them bigger.
Items you will need:
– 1 receiving blanket (or flannel)
– Sewing machine with thread
How to do it:

Even if you don’t cloth diaper, these little wipes can still come in handy for wiping spit bubbles, countertops, getting the fog off of the inside of your windshield.. etc. 

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The “Little Mister” Tie Bib

Item: The “Little Mister” Tie Bib
Why I wanted to make this:  I have seen these popping up all over the place and thought that I might be able to make my own at home.. why buy one if you can make it out of items you already have?
Items you will need:
– 1 towel (or hand towel depending on how many bibs you intend to make)
– 2 different colors of fabric (one for the tie and the other for the base of the bib)
– Sew on velcro or snaps
– Sewing machine with thread
How to do it:

If you’re interested in purchasing one of these darling bibs head over to my Etsy shop and check them out!


Patchwork Pillow

Item: Patchwork Pillow
Why I wanted to make this: My grandmother made Everett a beautiful quilt and had leftover fabric that she gave to me.  You may recall I used some of this in the Sprocket Pillow.  Some of the scraps that were left over were 2″ by 10″ strips and I figured there had to be something that I could make out of them!
Items you will need:
– Ten to Fifteen strips of fabric 2″ wide by 10″-12″ long
– Large piece of fabric for back side of pillow
– Polyfil or the like
– Sewing machine with thread
How to do it:

You can make any shape of pillow you want depending on the type of scrap fabric you have! 🙂

Reversible Baby Pants

Item: Reversible Baby Pants
Why I wanted to make this:  Baby pants are just so darn cute that I couldn’t resist another project! Also, I had several types of fabric that “go together” and wanted to get some good use out of them!
Items you’ll need:
– You are going to need to cut out two patterns of baby pants (four pieces of fabric).  I used a pair of Everett’s 0-6 month sized pants to make the pattern.
– 2″ of ribbon
– Elastic- measure around your baby’s waist to determine the length you need.  I used 17″ of  1/2″ elastic.
– Sewing machine with thread
How to do it:

If you are interested in purchasing a pair of Reversible Baby Pants, please see the pricing page!

Newborn Pants

Item: Newborn Pants
As seen on: Made by Rae
You can find the tutorial/pattern here!
Why I wanted to make this: Everett seemed to have plenty of cute sleeper outfits and onsies but not enough pants and shorts, and seriously who can resist a cute pair of baby pants!?
First try: The first pair I made was very cute however I mixed up the legs of the pants and the crotch. Ooopsies! Needless to say, those pants were only worn once!
Deviations from the tutorial/pattern: The only thing that I did different from the tutorial was add a trim piece at the waist band to add a pop of color- this can also be done to the bottom of the pant legs!
A few things I found that came in handy:  Marking with a pin which end of the pants was the legs vs. the crotch so that I wouldn’t get them mixed up.  Also, zig-zagging around the perimeter of the two pieces of fabric prior to sewing them together proved to make it much easier than zig-zagging in the tiny leg holes.
Look how cute these jeans are!!
Here’s a few pairs of the shorts I’ve made for him!

Sprocket Pillow

Item: Sprocket Pillow
As seen on: Cluck Cluck Sew
You can find the tutorial/pattern here!
Why I wanted to make this: My grandmother made a beautiful quilt for Everett and had some of the fabric left over so I thought this would be the perfect project!  I also wanted to bring some color into my living room and thought that I could make a few for my couch!
First try:  I bought a pillow form because I thought it would be nicer than using stuffing however I realized that the pattern is not meant for a pillow form so I ended up using stuffing anyways!
Deviations from the tutorial/pattern:   On Everett’s pillow, I ended up having to use 11 wedges rather than the 12 that is mentioned in the tutorial.  Also, I wanted to make another one and try to utilize the pillow form that I had- the only difference was that I couldn’t use the trim around the side and I had to take out one of the wedges to make it small enough.

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If you are love these cute pillows as much as I do but don’t feel inspired to make one on your own, check out my special orders page! 🙂  I am also experiementing in different patchwork shaped pillows! Stay tuned for pictures of those!

Diaper Cover

Item: Diaper Cover
As seen on: Dana Made It (Made)
You can find the tutorial/pattern here!
Why I wanted to make this: I figured that throughout the summer, Everett would probably be in just a diaper a lot and I wanted to be able to make sure that he is able to still look cute! I also really love diaper covers for little girls so I will probably be making a bunch of these for my friends who have daughters!
First try: My first attempt at this went very well, especially because my grandmother was in town and she helped me to learn the basics that I needed to complete the project. When we made the first diaper cover it came out a lot smaller than I thought it would be.
Deviations from the tutorial/pattern: One thing that I found came in handy was to zig-zag around the perimeter of the two pieces of fabric prior to sewing them together.  Also, I wanted to add a trim of color to the top however I didn’t have any bias tape. Since I was too impatient to wait until the fabric store was open to go and by some I decided to use a piece of fabric as trim. Here’s what I did: first I created the diaper cover as the directions stated and stopped before creating the casing for the elastic in the waste.  Second, I cut a piece of fabric that was 2 ¼” wide and as long as the the waste of the diaper cover plus ¼.” You will need to hem one of the short ends of the fabric and zig-zag around the remaining edges to prevent fraying. Next, I attached the fabric to the waste of the diaper cover using a quarter of an inch inseam ensuring that when the piece overlaps the hemmed edge is out. Finally, I finished the rest of the diaper cover as explained in the tutorial.

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Try it out!

T-Shirt Pants

CraftyGeminiItem: T-Shirt Pants
As seen on: The Crafty Gemini
You can find the tutorial/pattern here!
Why I wanted to make this: I had a bunch of t-shirts that I never wear and needed to upcycle or donate and I took to the internet to see what I could do with them.
First try:  This went really well once I figured out how to use the stretch stitch!  It was my first time to use this stitch!
Deviations from the tutorial/pattern: The only thing that I did differently from the tutorial was add a stitch at the top to encase the elastic a little more snugly.  I don’t think that I will do this next time because it did seem to make the pants look a little feminine.  Next, I am going to make some shorts out of the t-shirts as well! 🙂

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